Opinion: Separation makes the wife grow fonder!


Commentary by Danielle Wilson

If being quietly happy that my husband Doo is out of town is wrong, people, then I gotta be honest, I don’t want to be right! I love Doo, and I know he loves me, but a little space every now and again is a welcome respite from the demands of marriage. Can I get an “amen?”

No? OK. Let me break it down. Male partners are large children, especially during cold and flu season. They are needy, they can’t seem to act independently, and more often than not, they pee on the wall instead of in the toilet. Sure, they work hard, and mine in particular is extraordinarily handy around the house. But their ability to begin and finish a task is often handicapped by their desire to eat, play on the computer, or in my case, watch the ever-depressing but admittedly entertaining poo-show that is the news.

So I am thrilled that Doo will be gone for a few nights, and I’ll have complete control of the kitchen, bedroom and remote. I’ll only need to mentally keep track of my four actual teenagers and not worry about whether Doo will be able to pick up from dance or help with homework. I know he won’t, thereby making for one less variable in my increasingly more-complicated, family logistics equation.

Now, should you be calling me a horrible wife, know that Doo is probably enjoying the break even more than I am. He can turn on every light in his hotel room, keep the volume up on the TV and not be concerned with leaving the place a complete pit. He’s free to be Doo – an ADD, extraverted night-owl who temporarily has no parenting or spousal responsibilities whatsoever. Truly, this is a win-win scenario!

And the best part is, once Doo returns, I’ll have experienced just enough single-parenting to appreciate his love and support once again. So I say, bring on the spouse-free week! Yay!

Peace out.