Letter: Not ‘weary’ from the process



I’m not “weary!” Pulte, at last week’s (advisory plan commission meeting), appealed to the members, apologizing repeatedly that they may be “weary” as if the process is wearing them out and trying their patience! The overall consensus was that no, we are not weary, we just want you to show us the improvements asked for! Obviously, Pulte did not believe they would have the vote so they requested a continuance based upon a questionable upgrade which was so new and fresh they couldn’t provide the details.

The behavior of Pulte is a prime example of the way developers seem to be bullying their way through the process with little or no regard for the wishes of the people or the community and the Comprehensive Plan for which they stand. The unprecedented allowance of Pulte to return again and again throughout this Wood Wind PUD is a perfect example of how our administration appears to favor the developer over the citizens.

It also appears, and should be noted, that APC member Bob Horkay has shown obvious inconsistency in not recusing himself from participating because he has a son working for Pulte, but did recuse himself in a proposed zoning change before the APC for Birch Dalton, because of a son that works for them.

Since starting my petition “Stop Irresponsible Development,” we are close to 1,000 signatures and the comments keep coming and are so heartfelt about fast-paced developments, concern about schools and infrastructure and loss of rural countryside. One signer comments “We’ve lived here less than three years and are appalled at the rampant, profit-driven growth and total disregard for the environment.” Bottom line is the pace at which developments, 19 in our area alone, are being pushed through, none of them custom, none that are supporting our infrastructure and schools, is alarming. We can do better, we deserve better!


Beth Armstrong