Student Profile: Jenifer Siebert


By Desiree Williams

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Jenifer Siebert graduated from Hamilton Southeastern High School in 2013. After graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University in December, Siebert started working as a family advocate with Helen’s House and continued pursuing her passion for photography.

Q: Did you have a favorite subject or class in high school?

A: I wasn’t always the average student. I was more artistic. I loved art classes and music classes. I would take however many art classes I could possibly take because HSE offered so many awesome art classes. I also really liked history because I love to learn where we came from.

Q: Do you remember your most influential high school class or teacher?

A: Mrs. Fritz. She was my art teacher pretty much all four years and then my senior year, I was accepted into the AP Studio Art class. She was more than just a teacher. She was a friend. She was someone who cared about her students. High school was cruel a lot of the times, so I feel like she created an environment in her classroom where she wanted to teach more than just the subject of art. She wanted to teach you about life.

Q: What do you miss about high school?

A: I miss a lot of the art classes. It sounds silly, but when going to college, my art classes prepared me so well.

Q: Did you join any organizations or school activities in college?

A: I joined a national honor society for psychologists and psychology club.

Q: What did you major in?

A: I eventually became a psychology major due to the fact that I want to pursue counseling because I love people. I also minored in art and Christian studies.

Q: What’s your dream job?

A: I can say I’m on track for it right now. I was blessed to get a job right out of college that helps me work with families and people to get to understand how to prepare myself to become a counselor. I just really want to help people. I’ve always been that person that my friends come to talk to with problems in their lives or when things don’t make sense, and I really would love to be that person for others and find that security and help for them. Eventually, it’s my goal to go to grad school to be a licensed counselor.

Q: What are you up to now?

A: Well, I’m getting married in June. I met him at college. Our goal right now is simply to get married and enjoy our lives together. He wants to have his own ministry and obviously, I want to be a part of that with my counseling background, so we make a good team. We don’t want to plan out our lives because sometimes God has things that are unexpected and we need to be OK with that.

Q: Is there anything else you want to add?

A: This place, this world is so broken. We’re so blind to what’s around us, and then you get into the real world and realize there’s so much crap that happens. I just want to be a part in changing that or being there for people who experience the harder things in life.