Letter: Turn signals at roundabouts are safe, courteous, right



Guess what? A roundabout is an intersection, therefore for safety’s and courtesy’s sake, drivers should use their blinkers before entering a roundabout. It is not about using the turn signal at each turn of the roundabout, it is about letting other drivers know where you are going.

Before entering a roundabout (just like a four-way stop), you know which direction you will be heading. If you are turning right, put on your right blinker before entering the roundabout. Going left, put on your left blinker to inform the other drivers you will be turning left from your entry into the roundabout. If you are going straight, do not use a blinker (just like a four-way stop).

I do think it is sad that a $100 fine for a non-compliance ordinance has to even be considered. I have been driving for 50 years and have always used my blinker automatically (including roundabouts). All it takes is just a flip of the switch to alert other drivers of your intentions. Try it. It is the safe, courteous and right thing to do.

Karen Davies, Carmel