New owner of For the Dogs has big plans for small pups


By Heather Lusk

The new owner of For the Dogs is a dog person, but she especially loves small dogs.

CIZ DOUGH 0404 For the Dogs
Sharra Christine is the new owner of For the Dogs and a huge fan of Chihuahuas. (Submitted photo)

“Part of the reason I wanted a (dog) day care (is because) I wasn’t going on vacation, I wasn’t going anywhere because I didn’t have a place to leave my small dog,” Sharra Christine said.

For the past year she had been trying to establish a business in Westfield, receiving advice from the previous owner of For the Dogs. Every time she found a potential property, something prevented the deal from being finalized.

Then, as Christine was beginning to doubt the path, the former owner called and said he needed to sell the business and wanted her to buy it. She was initially unsure since she had recently built a house in Westfield, but after spending a few weeks with the dogs she fell in love.

“I decided this would be a great thing,” she said.

Previous customers won’t notice any changes apart from a few new employees. The cage-free facility provides dog day care and overnight lodging for dogs of all sizes. The same processes for caring for the dogs are still in place.

“They did a great job here,” she said.

Although Christine loves large dogs, the foster mom for Chihuahua Rescue of Indianapolis truly adores smaller and older pets.

“My heart is with seniors and hospice,” she said.

By summer she plans to create a separate area for small and senior dogs with an outdoor space covered by netting to foil birds of prey.

Christine change the day care’s name to A Pet Mom, which was the name of her dog-walking business.

“It’s truly what I feel I am,” she said. “When they are here they are truly my dog.”

For the Dogs is at 10617 Zionsville Rd., Zionsville. Learn more at

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