Letter: Marine cartoon sends wrong message



Noted, recently in Current in Carmel, was a cartoon depicting a Marine, in dress blues, standing in a sewer with sword. Atop the sword was a ladies’ bra and something, in the background, about “rotten to the Corps.”

There is this thought, from me, a Marine, that there is a bit of a problem with the message being sent here. As to standing in a sewer, the Marine is not the person to be standing therein. The proper person to be depicted as “being in the sewer” should be the idiots who took the photos of themselves and then posted same on the internet. The Marines didn’t ask for the photos. They were, no doubt, supplied with pride and the “supplier” took the risk of assigning ownership of the photos over to “whomever” without thought of what could be done with them.

Therefore, getting to the root of the problem, your depiction of the finest fighting force in the world was not appreciated. Allowing yourself to be sucked in by media “flurry” is below your stature. Suspiciously, hitting the Marines could be some form of media reprisal for our president having chosen two Marine generals for his cabinet? Could be, given the atmosphere in our nation.

No, no need for apologies or other re-writes, it’s too late. However, hoping your fine work in the future is better thought-through.

Gene Bone, USMC, Carmel