The Addie & Adam Show: Noblesville father-daughter duo a hit with internet talk show


Noblesville residents Addie and Adam Grubb look to expand their internet show, “The Addie and Adam Show,” in 2017 with special guests and features. (Photo by Sadie Hunter)

By Sadie Hunter


In less than a year, Noblesville father Adam Grubb and daughter Addie, 10, have attracted thousands of views each week on their home internet production, “The Addie and Adam Show.”

They said the show came about purely by coincidence.

“Well, my dad’s business got him this new microphone, and he wanted to test out the sound,” Addie said. “We made this little video where I was showing my favorite app, and I was just talking and stuff, and he said it was very funny and that we needed to post it (online).”

From there, “The Addie and Adam Show” was born, and they began doing six-minute shows once each week. They declare it “the best six minutes on the internet.”

“It wasn’t on purpose, but it turned into something where we got a lot of views,” Adam said. “May 2016 was our first episode, and we’ve done (35) episodes. We tape on Sunday night, and then it goes live on Monday morning. You’ll notice the production quality and the content and everything.”

“It grows,” Addie said. “We used to use my dad’s MacBook Air camera. So it was really bad, and then we switched to a little webcam thing, and now we use a real camera.”

“I do all the graphics and stuff to make it look like a real show, because now we’re getting thousands of views a week, local and in Indiana,” Adam said.

Earlier this month, the show began gaining more attention after a special segment, “Slushies with Addie,” featured Noblesville’s deputy mayor, Steve Cooke, where the two discussed upcoming projects, why there’s no Main Street in Noblesville, zip lines over downtown and more.

The title of the “Slushies with Addie” segments are pretty straightforward. Addie drinks a blue raspberry and Coca Cola-mixed slushie, always from Speedway convenience stores, and interviews a guest while they also enjoy a slushie.

“We started ‘Slushies with Addie’ as a kind of a take off of James Cordon’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ and Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ to help promote the show, but also to highlight her and her ability to have conversations with reputable people,” Adam said.

One of the first productions of ‘Slushies with Addie’ took Adam back to Oak Hill High School in Converse, Ind., where Addie interviewed one of his high school English teachers. In another episode, she interview Indiana University Associate Athletic Director Jeremy Gray.

“We always plan before the show kind of what we’re going to talk about, but we don’t script it,” Addie said.

“I’ll have some ideas, and then she’ll bring some ideas,” Adam said.

“And mine are more funny,” Addie said.

“We kind of take bits and pieces of all the shows that I like,” Adam said. “From (Jimmy) Fallon to Ellen (DeGeneres) to (Jerry) Seinfeld.”

Within the next month, the show plans to welcome WTHR’s Chuck Lofton on ‘Slushies with Addie.’

“We’re just kind of raising through the ranks and reaching out to people to see who wants to be on it,” Adam said. “We’re trying to get more kids involved, too. It’s one of those things that we feel like there’s something for everybody.”




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Addie interviews Noblesville Deputy Mayor Steve Cooke for the “Slushies with Addie” segment. (Submitted photo)


Addie, 10, is a fifth-grade student at Stony Creek Elementary School in Noblesville. She has two sisters, Avery, 6, and Ainsley, 5. Her mom is Mandie Grubb.

Adam, 37, is a director of sales for a Chicago-based media company. He also is the owner of Adam Grubb Productions, where he creates corporate videos and does corporate storytelling. He also is the executive producer of “The Addie and Adam Show.” Adam is married to Mandie Grubb.