State legislature roundup: What does it mean for Carmel?


The state legislature could consider several bills this session that could have an impact on Carmel. Here’s a look at a few that could make an impact:

House Bill 1049

Authored by Rep. Mike Aylesworth


Allows cities to pass ordinances to change municipal election dates from odd-numbered years to even-numbered years. This allows for the city elections to be the same year as congressional and/or gubernatorial and presidential elections. The bill states that any city that refuses to switch to even number years will pay the county for the costs of having the election.

How it affects Carmel: Carmel has off-year elections in odd years so the city would be affected if passed.

House Bill 1082 and House Bill 1131

Authored by Rep. Anthony Cook and Authored by Rep. Edward Clere.


Two competing bills in the Indiana House that are similar. They state that redevelopment commissions must have a member appointed that is member of the governing body of the school corporation.

How it affects Carmel: The Carmel Redevelopment Commission would need to have a one of its members also be a member of the Carmel Clay School Board.

House Bill 1118

Authored by Rep. Doug Miller.


This bill provides oversight of redevelopment commission spending by requiring a city council to approve all expenditures of a city redevelopment commission.

How it affects Carmel: Many of Carmel’s projects are led by the CRC, and currently expenditures greater than $75,000 must be approved by the council.

House Bill 1133

Authored by Rep. Matthew Lehman.


Cities would no longer be able to ban short-term rentals, such as Airbnb. The bill has some exceptions, such as public safety and noise complaints. Homeowners associations can still prohibit short term rentals.

How it affects Carmel: Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard said the City would send a letter to all Airbnb hosts asking that they be rezoned as a commercial property if they wanted to continue. The Carmel City Council also is considering passing an ordinance about Airbnb and similar sites.