Pathway planned to link Carmel, Zionsville along 116th Street


By Heather Lusk

Carmel and Zionsville are working together to coordinate the construction of a multi-use path along 116th Street that officials hope will be ready for construction in 2018.

The path will extend east from Zionsville along 116th Street from Michigan Road and connect to Carmel’s existing pathway network.

This will “serve as the final link along 116th Street needed to connect Carmel and Zionsville,” said  Dan McFeely, economic development and community relations spokesman for the City of Carmel.

The estimated cost of the project is $2.5 million, with Carmel and Zionsville funding amounts relative to the portion in their respective communities.

Seven hundred feet of the path will be in Boone County, with the total length of the pathway extending 11,420 feet, or roughly two miles.

Although Zionsville already has right-of-way for its portion of the project, some properties in Carmel will require land acquisition before the project can move forward.

“Due to a variety of factors, including the terrain, right-of-way and utilities, the path will be on the north side of 116th Street from Michgan Road to Shelbourne Road but will shift to the south side of 116th from Shelbourne Road to Towne Road,” McFeely said.

A crosswalk will be added between University High School and West Park.

The entire pathway will be completed as one construction project.

“Obviously, we wouldn’t be enjoying economies of scale (otherwise),” said Lance Lantz, superintendent of the Zionsville Street and Stormwater Dept.

“It’s really a neat pathway link for those people who like to go between communities and have some longer recreational cycling opportunities, or walking or jogging,” Lantz said. “It’s a neat inter-agency gap that’s going to be filled.”