Council approves storage at Union Chapel, Greenfield


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The first phase of the project will include a two-story structure that will house the primary rental office and climate-controlled storage units. (Submitted rendering)

By Sadie Hunter


Reynolds Farm Limited Partnership is changing development plans in southeast Noblesville.

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This map shows the new plan of the 16.75-acre site at the southeast corner of Union Chapel Road and Greenfield Avenue. (Submitted map)

The Meredith Meadows development area, at the southeast corner of Union Chapel Road and Greenfield Avenue, was established in November 2009, but now, part of it will soon be home to storage units after the Noblesville Common Council unanimously approved the amendment to the original plan at its Jan. 10 meeting.

The north side of Meredith Meadows was originally set with Corporate Campus Planned Development zoning, while the south side of the area was established as a mixed-use residential district.

The Class-A self-storage facility, Reynolds Commercial Retail and Storage, will sit next to an existing senior living community and north of The Flats at 146 apartments on 4.25 acres and will include climate and non-climate-controlled storage. However, the storage facility is not a permitted use within the city’s Corporate Campus Planned Development Commercial land-use category.

The petition for the rezoning of 16.37 acres in the Meredith Meadows development plan, which is currently farm land, was supported by the Noblesville Plan Commission at its Dec. 12, 2016 meeting, and city planning staff cited the plan’s meeting Corporate Campus Planned Development standards – even though the units are not permitted within the category – for their support of the project. City staff also said it supported the proposal because the project is market-driven, and the development will not sit adjacent to the arterial roadway.

The 16-acre parcel is part of what was originally a 300-acre parcel owned by Reynolds Farm Limited Partnership. Other parts of land were developed into the senior living facility, apartments and Promise Road Elementary School.

The first phase of the project would be for a two-story building to include the primary rental office and climate-controlled storage units. The second phase, consisting of four perimeter buildings, would, in the future, include the remaining non-climate-controlled units, with the possibility of more climate-controlled units.

City documents stipulate the landowner and petitioner, Reynolds Farm Commercial Development, will maintain ownership of the land but will have the storage units managed by an outside company.

The remaining acreage of the property (outside of the 4.25 acres of land developed for the storage facility) will later be developed into two 11,000-square-foot, single-story retail buildings facing Union Chapel Road.

Approximately 2.65 acres of the remaining acres at the south end of the property will serve as future development space.