Noblesville resident Sean Webster starts Monon Beverage Brokers


By Mark Ambrogi


Sean Webster is a big fan of the craft beer, winery and artesian spirit industry.



“It has been my life for nearly eight years now,” the Noblesville resident said. “I started this business because I wanted to provide a service in an industry that I really like a lot. There are so many breweries out there that they just need a little extra love and push on them and they would be able to do really well. The same with the distilleries. There are 15 Indiana distilleries that nobody knows about. If you have a little love, people start knowing about it and the product starts moving itself.”

So Webster, a 2007 Noblesville High School and business administration Ball State graduate, launched Monon Beverage Brokers in October. He started working at Heorot Pub in downtown Muncie.

“I did some marketing for People’s Brewing Co. from Lafayette after graduating,” Webster said. “I realize there is a need for breweries and others to be represented. Not everyone can be represented, whether it is location or cost.”

Webster, who calls his car his office, holds events in bars and restaurants to sell the products.

“I can do (marketing) events, pouring samples of the product, dressing as Santa several times in December,” Webster said. “Santa pouring drinks for people, fun things.”

Two Indiana businesses he represents are Scarlet Lane Brewing Co. of Indianapolis and Indiana Whiskey Co. of South Bend.

“Customer service is most important to me,” Webster said. “Whether it’s bars needing training their staff to make sure they know what your beer, wine and spirits are, or making sure there are clean draft lines at the bars.”

Webster also is representing Moonlight Meadery in New Hampshire and O’Fallon Brewery in St. Louis.

Now, he says he is preparing for his cicerone (beer professional) and sommelier (wine servings and pairings expert) exams, which will help drive his business forward by gaining knowledge to better assist all involved.

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