Meet your teacher: Natalie Parrish



Grade/school/subject: 7th grade, Noblesville West Middle School, math and algebra.

Special professional accomplishments/experiences: “One of the most rewarding moments was when I was selected for the Noblesville Legacy Award. This award is selected by seniors at Noblesville High School. The students nominate teachers who have made a lasting impact on them. The fact that this award is selected by the students means more to me than any other. It summarizes why I chose to go into teaching, to make a lasting impact.”

Why she became a teacher: “During high school, I had three math teachers that inspired me to become a math teacher: Jerry Porter, Ken Cox and Betsy Shearer. All three of these teachers went out of their way to help the students, displayed a love of teaching and math and believed in their students. I realized that I wanted to make the same impact on students as they did to me.”

Goals for students: “I want my students to love learning, see math as fun, and show growth throughout their time in my classroom and beyond.  I hope that each has a life-long desire to learn and knows there is someone who cares for them as an individual.”

Advice she’d give to parents: “I hope for parents to be a part of their child’s education. Be aware of what your child is learning, don’t hesitate to communicate with the teachers, and be sure your child is being all they can be in school. The teachers are there to make the best learning opportunity for their child. Together, the parents and staff can make this an amazing experience.”

What makes Noblesville Schools special: “The Noblesville School District is an amazing network of which to be a part. The teachers, administrators and all staff members all work together for the best interest of the students in the community. They have worked hard to bring updated technology into the district to enrich and add to the educational opportunities for the students. The fact that Noblesville always is striving to get better and provide more meaningful opportunities to our students makes it so special.”

Something others might not know about her: “I am an assistant coach for the high school girls and boys swim teams as well as a coach for Noblesville Swim Club.  I have been involved with swimming since the age of 4, was a high school state champion and swam for an NCAA Division I college.”