Patty to perform Christmas concert

Sandi Patty will perform her Christmas concert Dec. 2 at the Palladium. (Submitted photo)

Sandi Patty will perform her Christmas concert Dec. 2 at the Palladium. (Submitted photo)

By Mark Ambrogi

Sandi Patty plans to brighten concertgoers’ holiday spirits.

Patty, a contemporary Christian singer known as “The Voice” for her wide vocal range and flexibility, will perform a Christmas Blessing concert at 8 p.m. Dec. 2 at the Palladium in Carmel.

“This will be 99 percent Christmas concert,” Patty said. “There are so many amazing Christmas songs.”

Several members of Patty’s family will perform with her.

“It will be sweet to feature them on a couple of songs,” Patty said. “My husband (Don Peslis) is with me, and two of my kids will be singing, and my daughter-in-law. Another kid is a road manager and another is our business manager on the road, handling all of our designs. It’s really sweet to be able to travel with my family when for so many years I had to get on a plane or bus without them. We’ll do some a cappella singing. We’re going to try to cover everything from ‘Jingle Bells’ to ‘O Holy Night.’”

Patty, a five-time Grammy winner who had lived in Anderson since she was a Anderson University student, returned to her birthplace of Oklahoma City in 2009 when her husband got a new job.

Patty, 60, is more than halfway through her Forever Grateful Tour, which will be her final large-scale solo tour (90-plus cities) of her career. Patty performed her Forever Grateful set at her home church, Madison Park Church of God, in Anderson in April.

Now she is pleased about returning to the Palladium as part of her Christmas concert tour from Nov. 26 to Dec. 18.

“The Palladium is so beautiful,” Patty said. “I’m excited to go there with my band show. I’m real excited about being able to be at that amazing venue.”

Patty said she expects to see many family members and friends.

“It’s still home,” Patty said. “I’ve traveled so much all my life that I don’t consider just one place home. I really consider so many places, Indiana, Tennessee and Oklahoma City.”

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