Column: Try a turkey day workout


Commentary by Kara Babcock

No turkey trot this year due to lots of cooking and preparations for the yummiest holiday of the year? We’ve come up with some fun yet challenging exercises you “can” do to rev up your metabolism before one of the highest calorie days of year.

Go to your pantry and grab up two cans of food. This is all the equipment you will require for this great little Thanksgiving Day workout!

You “can” do it arms!

Stand tall and hold a similar soup can in both hands. From this position, lift the cans to the side and keep your arms straight. Your goal is to lift your arms parallel to the floor. Slowly lower your arms and repeat 10 to 12 times.

You “can” do it legs!

Strengthen your legs by doing a lunge. Holding a soup can in each hand will provide added resistance to this exercise. Begin by standing tall, then step one foot approximately three feet in front of the other, bending both knees and lowering your body toward the floor. To finish, push off the floor with the front foot and return to the starting position.

You “can” do it chest!

Soup cans can also be used for a chest fly exercise. Lie on your back and hold a soup can in each hand with your arms extended toward the ceiling. Perform the movement by lowering your straight arms to the sides until you touch the floor in a straight line from your shoulders.

Finish off with a little cardio by placing one canned good on the floor and tapping the top of the can with each foot (alternating). Do 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, two times. After doing this workout, you will definitely feel less guilty about indulging in that second piece of pumpkin pie!