Zheng, Browning earn spots on Carmel Clay school board


By Ann Marie Shambaugh

Lin Zheng and Katie Browning will become the newest members of the Carmel Clay school board, as they defeated three other challengers – including one incumbent – in the Nov. 8 election.

Voters selected two of five candidates for at-large seats on the school board, with the top two earning the spots. Zheng received the highest percentage of votes at 30.63 percent, with Browning receiving 28.47 percent.

Zheng, 42, is a clinical associate professor of accounting at Kelley School of Business. She said she is “extremely honored” to be elected.

“I’d like to thank people in Carmel for choosing me to represent you on the board and all who have made my election possible,” she said. “Great honors come with great responsibilities. I will not take such responsibilities lightly and will endeavor to serve the community with my most diligence and care.”

Browning, 31, is a mother and CCS substitute teacher.

“I am thrilled and humbled to represent the City of Carmel in our incredible school district,” Browning said. “I know that my perspective and hard work will only add to our future successes.”

Zheng and Browning will become official members of the school board in January.

The candidates defeated incumbent Kathie Freed, who received 19.17 percent of the vote; Timothy W. Smith, who earned 15.94 percent; and Cherish Foreman Davis, who got 5.79 percent.

Other election results in Hamilton County include (*denotes winner):

President of the United States

*Donald Trump (R) – 56.03 percent

Hillary Clinton (D) – 36.72 percent

Gary Johnson (L) – 5.85 percent


U.S. Senate

Evan Bayh (D) – 35.88 percent

Lucy Brenton (L) – 4.38 percent

*Todd Young (R)¬ – 59.72 percent


U.S. Representative – District 5

*Susan W. Brooks (R) – 67.35 percent

Angela Demaree (D) – 28.42 percent

Matthew Wittlief (L) – 4.2 percent


Indiana Governor

Rex Bell (L) – 2.68 percent

John R. Gregg (D) – 39.9 percent

*Eric Holcomb (R) – 58.4 percent


Indiana Attorney General

Lorenzo Arredondo (D) – 31.19 percent

*Curtis T. Hill, Jr. (R) – 68.81 percent


Indiana Supt. of Public Instruction

*Jennifer McCormick (R) – 61.28 percent

Glenda Ritz (D) – 38.72 percent


State Senate – District 20

Paula J. Gilliam (D) – 26.79 percent

*Luke Kenley (R) – 68.44 percent

Donald Rainwater II (L) – 4.77 percent


State Senate – District 30

Pamela L. Hickman (D) – 34.52 percent

Zachary Roberts (L) – 3.67 percent

*John C. Ruckelshaus (R) – 61.81 percent


State Representative – District 24

Erol A. Cetinok (L) – 18.43 percent

*Donna Schaibley (R) – 81.57 percent


State Representative – District 39

David B. Russ (D) – 34.88 percent

*Jerry Torr (R) – 65.12 percent


State Representative – District 88

Dana Black (D) – 29.11 percent

*Brian C. Bosma (R) – 70.89 percent


Hamilton County Commissioner – District 2

Marie DeMore (D) – 32.54 percent

*Steven C. Dillinger (R) – 67.46 percent


Hamilton County Commissioner – District 3

*Mark Heirbrandt (R) – 66.71 percent

Debra J. Jarvis (D) – 33.29 percent


Hamilton County Council – At Large (vote for 3)

*Brad Beaver (R) – 22.63 percent

Duane Brenton (L) – 5.23 percent

Edward Chu (D) – 9.27 percent

Rosemary Dunkle (D) – 11.45 percent

*Jeff Hern (R) – 20.61 percent

*Rick McKinney (R) – 21.24 percent

Bob Williams (D) – 9.58 percent


Superior Court No. 2 Judge

*Jon Brown (R) – 71.84 percent

Steve Kincaid (I) – 28.16 percent


Hamilton County Auditor

*Robin M. Mills (R) – 69.53 percent

Pat Otten (D) – 30.47 percent


Hamilton County Treasurer

Mark Bailey (D) – 30.74 percent

*Jennifer Templeton (R) – 69.26 percent


Hamilton County Surveyor

*Kenton C. Ward (R) – 66.69 percent

Joe Weingarten (D) – 33.31 percent