Noblesville woman runs Room to Sew from home

Maddie Harrison, 10, sews at Room to Sew. (Photo by Anna Skinner)

Maddie Harrison, 10, sews at Room to Sew.
(Photo by Anna Skinner)

By Anna Skinner

Donnell Bradley moved to Noblesville two years ago, and when she began teaching her nieces how to sew, she realized it was something she wanted to operate as a business.

Bradley teaches children, from the comfort of her own home, how to sew.

“What I do is really along the same lines as weekly piano lessons or weekly soccer or gymnastics lessons,” she said. “It’s another outlet for kids who may not necessarily be athletes or musicians, to just give them something else to do. It’s something creative to give them a project or outcome, and along the way they learn a life skill.”

Kids attend classes once each week, and Bradley never teaches more than four at a time. She said adults have even contacted her asking for lessons, and occasionally she will do private lessons.

“I get tons and tons of mothers who call and just say it’s a life skill they missed out on because, by the time younger mothers went to school, home economics classes started to be cut, and they want their daughters to learn how to sew,” Bradley said. “It is something that’s useful. I’ve been a teacher for 20 years, and I used to feel crushed for those kids who weren’t athletes or musicians. I just see this as another creative outlet for kids to do that. It helps to increase their focus, attention to detail, fine motor skills, learn to read and follow directions.”

Bradley’s classes are designed for weekly sessions throughout the school year, but she said due to scheduling, some students sign up later. Classes are $65 per month, and the booklet Bradley uses is $40.

For more, visit or the Room to Sew Facebook page.