Storm water improvements begin in Emerson Road area


The City of Carmel will begin construction on stormwater improvements in the Emerson Road area, which has frequently had flooding issues.

A sanitary sewer will be relocated in this area to allow storm water to move east to the Monon Trail from Emerson Road toward Third Avenue SW. Previously, most flood water flowed west, so city officials expect the project to break up the flow and decrease the large pools of water that have surrounded some residents in their homes after heavy rains.

“This should take care of most of the problem,” City Councilor Bruce Kimball said. “We’ll know more after the project is complete.”

This is a long-awaited project for the residents of the area, which have dealt with flooding for more than 10 years, with flooding reports becoming more frequent in the past few years. A heated city council meeting nearly two years ago promised quick relief for the area, but engineers needed time to study the area.

The council approved a stormwater fee to raise funds to address the issue, but with the council acting as the stormwater board and controlling the funds, meetings didn’t happen often because of a lack of a quorum.

When the newly elected council took office in January, they voted to put the city engineer in charge of the stormwater utility instead of the council and also approved more than $40 million in bonds to quickly address the issue.

The project was set to begin July 26, but as of Aug. 1, work had not started. The closure of Third Avenue SW, from the north side of and including Second Street SW to the north side of Industrial Drive will last for approximately two weeks. Many detours are available, including Main Street, Range Line Road, City Center Drive and Guilford Road.