Letter: Stop playing coy with endorsement



I’ve stopped being surprised at the weekly editorial. But this week’s “Hillary doesn’t care about women” made me laugh out loud. Many times, the columnists say they “don’t endorse candidates,” but readers know the paper is pro-Republican. I won’t waste time comparing this year’s Republican ticket to the Democratic one. But I must stress one point that I hope will resonate some with your team.

Pay attention to the five men alive who have served as our country’s president and who actually know what the job entails. None of them support Trump. Wasn’t Bush your guy? Both Bushes? You wanted Romney, too. And he’s against Trump! Have you watched any of the DNC convention this week to see the comparison?

Does that give you any pause to stop playing coy with an endorsement? Voters have two choices in November. Hillary or Trump. You’re attacking Hillary, so why not really endorse who you want? Real papers do.

Glenda Fauntleroy