Where’s Amy visit Broccoli Bill’s


Commentary by Amy Pauszek

Last week, Where’s Amy checked out the Yelp and Broccoli Bill’s sneak peek event and she left ‘stuffed’ after sampling mouthwatering natural juices, fruits and fresh-off-the-farm specialty foods. Guests enjoyed samples from Natural Born Juicers, Caplinger’s Fresh Catch, Boar Heads, Broccoli Bill’s famous chicken salad and desserts to die for. The market at 15009 N. Gray Rd., in Noblesville is still under construction but that did not stop customers from buying their colorful produce, fruits and meats that were available for sale that night. I loved meeting the original ‘Broccoli Bill’ and his wife lovely Carol Weghorst (also known as Cauliflower) who welcomed and greeted the special guest foodies from Yelp with open arms. Where’s Amy knows Broccoli Bill’s will be the number one stop market for all of your favorite foods. Simply delish!