Letter: Westfield Rocks the 4th a success



As the City of Westfield’s Parks and Recreation director, I want to personally thank you for supporting our community events. This year’s July 4th celebration truly rocked the 4th. Even with a lingering threat of rain and storms, we had more than 20,000 people attend Westfield Rocks the 4th.

We pride ourselves in offering free community events. However, without our partners, we wouldn’t be able to have such great events. The Current has been a tremendous partner to the Parks & Recreation Department, as the publishers were gracious enough to be one of our sponsors. With their support, we were able to reach nearly 30,000 people through our event website.

I also couldn’t put on Westfield Rocks the 4th without the dedicated help from my staff, the Public Works Department, the Westfield Police Department, the Westfield Fire Department and the Grand Park Department. The Westfield employees and the hundreds of volunteers work rain or shine on the Fourth of July to make sure our event is the best in central Indiana and beyond.

I look forward to next year, when Westfield Rocks the 4th will be even bigger and better.

Thank you to the Current.

Melody Jones


Park Director for the City of Westfield