In the Studio with Steve Haigh

Steve Haigh's work will be featured at the ArtSplash Gallery in June. (Submitted photo) 
Steve Haigh’s work will be featured at the ArtSplash Gallery in June. (Submitted photo)

By Carolyn Martens

What kind of paintings do you do?  

“I paint both plein air and studio pieces in oil. My work focuses primarily on landscapes with beaches, lakes, buildings, fly fishing and other outdoor pursuits inspired by my travels across America and Europe.”

How did you get started? “I began to get serious about art in high school, and then later at Miami University, I took many art classes to augment my business degree. After a long break, I began painting again about eight years ago when my daughter started showing a lot of talent and got me back into it.”

What’s your process? “For outside plein air painting, I go quickly to capture true colors and the rapidly changing light. Using my own reference photos, I refine back at the studio. For studio paintings, I paint from photos taken from my travels. I try to capture the essence rather than copy. I feel God’s pleasure when I paint (most days!) and donate my profits to charities like World Vision or Building Tomorrow.”

If your art were music, what would it sound like? “Rich, peaceful, and soothing!”

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