Carmel Clay Public Library’s Summer Challenge offers more than books


By Mark Ambrogi

The Carmel Clay Public Library Summer Challenge has a new look this year.

CCPL director Carolyn Goolsby said library patrons can participate in several ways, not just reading or listening to books. The program for all ages begins registration May 16. Prizes are awarded by earning points for a variety of activities. Programs also begin May 16 and run until Aug. 15, Goolsby said.

“You can read to someone, you can attend a program, you can connect with us on social media, you can donate a book, you can participate in a scavenger hunt, use our data bases,” Goolsby said. “There are any number of library activities that you can do for the challenge other than reading, because the library does many things other than reading.”

Goolsby said there are challenge activities around art, music, drama, databases and computers.

“I’m excited about it. This is a different way of approaching summer challenge,” Goolsby said. “The staff will be talking about this format at the Indiana Library Federation conference in the fall. Other libraries are interested in what we come up with and how it works out.”

There also are three-week mini-camps, including on paleontology and coding, set up during the summer.

“There will be basic computer programming for really young children up to teens,” Goolsby said. “It’s a little bit of a different way of doing summer programming for us this year, but we found that a three-week mini-camp would be something people would be interested in and you can really sink your teeth into, but not so long that the kids get bored.”

Since this is Indiana’s 200th birthday, Goolsby said there are extra prizes for Bicentennial readers.

“It has to do with activities and titles based on Indiana’s history,” Goolsby said.

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