Opinion: Rezone meeting will be telling


There is a rezoning meeting scheduled for Jan. 19 at Carmel City Hall, and the decisions that eventually come out of it, we believe, will change the face of what we call the Arts & Design District forever. That’s not a bad thing. Mayor Jim Brainard has a widely focused vision for how to continue our city’s incredible transformation, and we see this as a logical next step. There has been talk of creating green space adjacent to Main Street and Range Line Road, as well as discussion of doing something akin to the Midtown project to the north and putting utility lines underground. As business owners in the heart of it all, we will welcome all the additional knowledge we can gain, and so it will be interesting to learn all of the details at the meeting. For more, visit carmel.in.gov.

* * *

We don’t “get” a lot of things, and this certainly is among them: Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was spending time last week ripping Donald Trump (R-Billions) and trying to filch as many of Trump’s working middle-class supporters as he could. We don’t get it. Last we checked, this liberalism-intoxicated candidate should be going after Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) if he wants to gain the Democratic Party’s nomination for the November general election. There clearly is a load of fodder there, were he to avail himself of it.

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Prevail, which serves victims of crime and abuse in Hamilton and surrounding counties, is partnering with the Indy Fuel for the Jan. 16 game against Orlando. If you buy your tickets at prevailinc.com, 100 percent of the proceeds go to the organization. Please consider that.