Noblesville Preservation Alliance’s ’12 Houses of Christmas’ Your lights up the holiday season


By Mark Ambrogi

The interactive map can be found on the Noblesville Preservation Alliance’s website,

The interactive map can be found on the Noblesville Preservation Alliance’s website,

Maggie Owens views The Twelve Houses of Christmas as a fun, educational way to spend about 20 minutes.

“Who doesn’t like to the opportunity to look at Christmas lights and see the different ways people decorate,” Owens said. “Some people have inflatables in their yard and go totally all out. There are some that just have a little bit of lights on the front of their house. It’s a fun way to build awareness of the Noblesville Preservation Alliance.”

Owens is the event’s co-chair with Lauren Parker. Both are NPA board members.

The NPA event began Dec. 1 and runs every day from 6 to 9 p.m. through Dec. 31

“It’s a driving tour with an interactive map that gives the addresses and the information about the district that the home is in,” Owens said.

There is historical information about the house as well. The houses are all in historical neighborhoods. All but one house of the 12 is a residence. The exception is the Smith House, which is an event rental facility now.

Owens said the NPA chooses 12 houses from 12 of the 13 districts on the map.

“This is not a fundraiser, but more an outreach event,” Owens said. “We do have some sponsors, but the tour is free and there is not a fee to vote. Homes on the tour get a gift from the NPA for participating.”



Owens said there were a couple of years where they charged for the map.

“There was a year where we charged a $1 to vote online but we found it was worth that,” Owens said. “The years we charged to vote, there wasn’t as much of a turnout as far as people voting. They just wanted to enjoy the tour.”

Owens said it gives people something else to do rather than more traditional light displays.



House locations are as follows:

1: Hamilton Co. Historical Society, 810 Conner St.

2: Wyatt Home, 1020 Field Dr.

3: Yankee Clipper / “Wainwright Wonder”, 1330 N. 10th St.

4. Smith House, 444 Lafayette Ave.

5: Kenworthy Home, 529 N. 16th St.

6: South Home, 1595 Wayne St.

7: Koppold Home, 255 S. 10th St.

8: Houghtalen Home, 1107 Cherry St.

9: Woods Home, 1635 Woodland Dr.

10: Sy Home, 1640 S. Ninth St.

11: Mayfield Home, 825 S. Fifth St.

12: Nickel Plate Arts / Judge Stone House, 107 S. Eighth St.