Oaklandon Theatre presents House on the Cliff

Jeff Maess, Geist, plays the mysterious Dr. Lane in Oaklandon Civic Theatre's production of "House on the Cliff." (Submitted photo)

Jeff Maess, Geist, plays the mysterious Dr. Lane in Oaklandon Civic Theatre’s production of “House on the Cliff.” (Submitted photo)

By Jenna Jarosinski

Oaklandon Civic Theatre invites you to take a blast to the past and enjoy the story of a haunted house, a cursed lake and a mysterious murder. Join the theatre for their 23rd production, “House on the Cliff,” directed by Sue Beecher. “House on the Cliff” was originally a TV play by George Batson and Donn Harmon but has been adapted to come to a stage near you.

“House on the Cliff” is different from anything else the theatre has done before because each actor portrays a stylized character.

“Each character has a specific mannerism and unique personality”, Beecher said. Beecher continued on to praise the beautiful construction of the set; commenting that the furnishing of the mansion acts as a time machine to take the audience back to the 1950’s.

The play tells the story of a 1950’s mansion in Northern Michigan, overlooking the Great Lakes. The lake is now cursed and a sudden murder occurs, leaving the home’s occupants with one question- who is the mysterious murderer?

Performances are on Nov. 6, 7, 14, 15, 20 and 21. Tickets are $12. Dessert is available during intermission at Bonnie’s Cafe in the basement of the theatre.

For more, visit http://oaklandoncivictheatre.org/index.html.