Westfield Advisory Plan Commission talks Bridgewater, Chatham Hills


The Westfield Advisory Plan Commission held a meeting on Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. The Secondary Advisory Plan Commission meeting will take place on Oct. 19 at City Hall at 7 p.m.

Compiled by Anna Skinner

What happened: The plan commission approved Bridgewater Pointe Shoppes.

What it means: A 14,400-square-foot retail structure will be constructed on 7.5 acres at the northwest corner of 146th Street and Gray Road.


What happened: After hearing a presentation from Justice Home Builders, the plan commission approved 66 additional units to be added on to the Bridgewater Apartments. City councilor and resident of the apartments, Rob Stokes, also presented in favor of the additional units.

What it means: In addition to the 66 units, there will be 74 garages constructed, as well as some new amenities to be available to all residents in the complex. These amenities include a fenced in dog park and a gathering plaza with a grilling station and a fire pit. The existing amenities in the complex will be available to all new residents. Currently, the apartments are 70 percent leased, and the company “anticipates they will be pretty close to operating full capacity before the end of this year.”


What happened: The plan commission sent the Chatham Hills PUD Amendment to the city council with a positive recommendation.

What it means: Four additional parcels will be added to Chatham Hills, with one of the parcels not used for subdivision development, but agricultural purposes. When the PUD originally came through, it did not include these four properties. The owners of the properties were not originally interested in selling, but now that construction is started, those three landowners have agreed to an easement to put the road that would connect houses on either side of the property.


What happened: The plan commission heard a request from the CVS Pharmacy planned for Springmill Station to increase its square footage from 12,900 square feet to 13,225 square feet. After discussion, they sent the proposal to the Springmill Station Group to be approved before it returns to plan commission.

What it means: With the slight stretch of the building to widen the drive-thru corner, there were some concerns with the architectural quality since the building will be viewed from all sides. The developers were sent to the Springmill Station Group to work together and make the pharmacy  more architecturally pleasing.