Zionsville Plan commission recap


Compiled by Anna Skinner

What happened:  At the July 20 Zionsville Plan Commission meeting, Tim Ochs of Beazer Homes again approached the commission about Hampshire, the 322-lot subdivision originally approved by the commission on Oct. 16, 2006. Ochs tweaked some of the language in the commitments, which was asked of him when the commission approved the subdivision to continue with plans last month. Ochs said they also formatted a declaration of covenants between the Meyer family, who has been very active in the subdivision’s involvement with the commission.

What it means: The covenants, according to Ochs, provide protection to the Meyer family as no changes are to be made without their consent. However, Robin was not at the meeting. The covenants further protect the Meyer family and their property from the development of the subdivision. The commission discussed the minutes from last month’s meeting and agreed to approve these covenants as long as Ochs tweaked the language a bit more.
What happened: A petition to rezone 6.85 acres from a special use development district to a PUD for a mixed use development that consisted of offices, government, retail, and public use of space and trail was granted a continuance until the November meeting.

What it means: The item was continued to allow the project to work through financial conversation and other items related in redeveloping the site.


What happened: Discussion on the automatic time period for development use plats being established continued from last month’s meeting, was again continued until next month’s meeting.

What it means: The commission continued the discussion so the two missing members at the meeting could also provide input on the docket.


What happened: The Interactive Academy had a petition for a development plan amendment to provide for planned improvements such as paved parking, building additions and new free standing structures.

What it means: The master site plan for the construction of the building in 2002 has included all updates until now, where a fitness center is wanted. Interactive Academy created a new master site plan to include all possible updates for the future to be approved by the commission. The new plan was approved unanimously, contingent upon staff being able to work out the easements satisfactory to the town regarding pathways to cross the front of the academy.