Column: Styles of kitchen sinks

(Submitted photo)

(Submitted photo)

There’s no home appliance that’s more hardworking than the kitchen sink. Between cooking activities to cleaning tasks, the kitchen sink plays a part in it all. Since they are the center of the any room they are installed in, it’s no surprise that the sink becomes a major centerpiece for the design of a kitchen.

Top mounts styles are the easiest and most inexpensive. They are designed to be dropped right into the countertop opening, and are equipped with a rim that goes over the counter to secure the sink in place. While this rim makes the sink cheaper, it can also be a trouble spot for dirt and bacteria to hide in, if the sink is not cleaned properly.

We recommend an undermount sink which provides a much sleeker look. With these designs, the sink mounts to the underside of the countertop: no rim, no mess. Additionally, they may require some kind of internal support system to secure the sink depending on the building material you select.

Finally, homeowners searching for vintage charm have been choosing apron-front (or farmhouse) style sinks. Apron-front designs have a deep basin, which is appealing for homeowners who want to soak dishes or scrub large pots in the sink. However, this model typically requires specially fitted cabinets. As the design becomes more popular, some manufacturers are creating designs that makes it possible to retro-fit one of these sinks onto a standard cabinet designs. Do your research, and make sure you choose a model that will work for your remodel project.

Additionally, designers have been creating accessories that make various tasks that center around the kitchen sink much easier. For example, there are sinks available that feature fitted cutting boards, drying racks, utensil trays and colanders. You may even choose to install two sinks in the kitchen that have different functions. Pairing a deep, single basin sink with a shallower, double-basin sink allows you to use one for soaking dishes and the other for food and vegetable prep.

While it’s not an extensive construction project, choosing a new sink can be tricky. It’s important to do your research, especially at the beginning of the process when you are choosing which style of sink you want to use to replace your old one. Otherwise, you may run into some unexpected problems. If you’ve got questions, consult the Affordable Companies to learn more about sink installation and design for your kitchen, bathroom or other living space.