Green BEAN now serving Geist


By Anna Skinner

Jenny Shopp, Fishers, has been buying her groceries online for three years.

Every other week she gets a cooler full of fresh, local and organic food right to her door.

Green BEAN Delivery, a grocery delivery service, started in Indianapolis in 2007. Since then they’ve expanded to six different major markets in the Midwest area.

“All the groceries are organic and locally sourced products from small individual farmers, so there’s no mass production,” Shopp said.

Shopp said the delivery service is perfect for anyone who tries to eat healthy or stay local, yet Green BEAN also earns big points for the convenience.

With $35 dollars, Shopp, who is a working single mother of two, can get herself and her kids fed with healthy food.

“I like the variety of the products,” Shopp said. “They give you things you wouldn’t normally get.”

Green BEAN Delivery changes the types of food in their pre-packaged bins quite frequently, and even provides some recipes on their website for those who may not know how to use some of the lesser known foods.

“Green BEAN Delivery not only offers organic produce, but also offers thousands of natural groceries,” Trisha Brand, marketing and member services, said. “It is truly a one stop shop. It’s your one solution to getting all of your favorite products you might see at a farmers market.”

The food bin coolers are insulated and keep the produce cold and fresh for six to eight hours after it is dropped off on the member’s doorstep. A variety of different bin sizes can be selected by members, and customized each week to whatever they fancy.

Rhonda Parr, Geist, said she enjoys using the delivery because she knows it is local and fresh, and they treat animals correctly.

“I really rely on them to have a product healthy for me that’s also healthier for the animal,” Parr said.

To learn more, visit the Green BEAN Delivery at