Dispute over Hampshire subdivision continues after plan commission approval


By Anna Skinner

Zionsville residents and Beazer Homes representatives discussed plan changes to Hampshire, the 322-lot subdivision that has been the root of much dispute, at the June 15 plan commission meeting.

The subdivision is planned to be built at the intersection of County Rd. 800 E. and Whitestown Rd.

Plans for the homes were discussed at the May plan commission meeting, however a continuance was granted.  Originally, plans had been put before the plan commission in 2005, when the development plan was approved by the commission on Oct. 16, 2006.

Since then, development and name changes have been implemented but the overall dispute remains the same.

Robin Meyer, a Zionsville resident who has been in avid opposition since the project started, spoke at the meeting.

“We felt our concerns were heard in 2006,” Meyer said. “Now, nine years later, we feel like we are being duped again.”

Hampshire made a change to their development plan that prohibited the same builders to build on both north and south sides of the road for five years after they originally build. The Beazer representatives said this plan change encouraged diversity amongst the subdivision.

The Town of Zionsville’s Director of Planning and Economic Development Wayne DeLong said that the original plans for any custom homes have changed, which has led to Beazer changing some of their plan over the years.

“Custom home builders can provide more amenities now than they could in 2005,” he said.

All members of the commission agreed to approve the plan for Hampshire.

Beazer representatives did hear Meyer’s complaints, and they said that the closest home is still 280 feet from her yard.

The approximate market prices for the homes built by Beazer is $525,000.