The Sims 4 Review


The Sims 4 picture

By Steven Aldrich

Life is hard. You have to shower, go to work, feed yourself, go to bed, and then repeat. Life is definitely not easy, and neither is The Sims 4. Upon starting the latest entry in the Sims series, you will create your very own sim(s). I attempted to make my sim look just like myself. The Sims 4 has more body and facial creation tools than any other game in the series, making it very easy to create characters that look just like yourself or people you know. Once you create your Sims(s) it is time to buy a lot and build a house. At first the $22,000 the game starts you off with seems like a lot, but after building a house, buying your sims food, and fixing appliances as they break over and over again, you will quickly realize that money is tight (at least at the start of the game). In order to solve this problem, your sim needs a job. You have to pick a career field for your character, for mine I chose to become a writer. You then find out that you must start at the bottom of the food chain at your new job, but hey, some money is better than none! Certain days of the week you will have to send your sim to work in order for them to keep their job and bring in a steady income. You also must make sure that they get a good night sleep, eat breakfast, and are not in a bad mood before they go to work, otherwise they will not work as hard. If your sim works hard, you will quickly be promoted, as my sim has already moved up from a low level writer to a blogger, and hoping to climb even higher! As your Sims start to make more money, it starts to become easier to upgrade your home (or homes if you are doing really well). There are more things to do in The Sims 4 than ever before! Depending on what interests you choose for your character at the start of the game, they will be interested in various activities. My sim loves to fish, workout, and meet new people. The Sims 4 is one of the best real life simulations out there and it is almost freaky sometimes how accurate it is. Whether you are a longtime fan of the series, or new to simulations, The Sims 4 is a ton of fun (and a lot of work)! The game is currently available for the PC and is published by Electronic Arts.