Woodland Country Club in Carmel unveils new renovations just in time for summer


By Devynn Barnes

Woodland Country Club of Carmel has undergone some serious renovations and is now ready for a busy, fun and active summer. Over the past two years, the club’s dining facilities, fitness center, and pool area have all been improved, and a childcare center, workout studio, pro shop and poolside grill have all been added. Woodland, established in 1956, has received a boom in members as a result.

Woodland Country Club was the first private country club in Hamilton County. In 1928, Bill Diddel, a famous golf course designer, bought the land and designed a course on it, keeping it public until it gained popularity and he was encouraged to make it private. In 1955, Diddel leased the land and a pool and clubhouse were built. Since then, it has become a staple establishment in the Carmel landscape and a friendly, familiar home for hundreds of members. Over the past two years, it has been improved an added to, making it a place for an all-inclusive country club experience.

Robert Reynolds, club manager, said the recent renovations of the club were done in two phases. “Our first phase we completed a year ago,” he said. “We renovated pretty much the entire clubhouse, but focused on the dining areas.”

Finished last year was the “second phase” of renovations. “With that,” Reynolds said, “we added a new fitness facility, childcare, a movement studio, a new pro shop, and a new poolside grill.”

The club has truly transformed, and Reynolds said it has helped boost membership during a time when many Indianapolis-area country clubs are struggling.

“A lot of clubs are in financial stress, but we’ve been fortunate for the past two years,” he said. “We actually have a waiting list for members.”

To learn more about Woodland or becoming a member, visit www.woodlandcc.com, call 575-2802, or email info@woodlandcc.com.