Shoptalk: Tattoos are bigger than ever

Leg artwork shows a love of tattoos and barber shops. (Submitted photo)

Leg artwork shows a love of tattoos and barber shops. (Submitted photo)

Commentary by Jason Peek

So the shoptalk this week is on our barbers and their tattoos and how it is more sociably acceptable then ever before.

I have five guys at Main Street Barber Shop and four have tattoos. I myself have a lower leg covered with some cool art work and have another planned with Indiana Tattoo Co. at 1077 S. Range Line Rd. This is a year-old shop as of June 6 this year and they are booming with new customers every day old and young. Owners Jay Schuler and Neil Foster combined experience of 49 years have a beautiful and super clean shop that I love and in fact such a clean place that when the Health inspector came to look at it he ask if he could use the pictures he took in his classes’ as a example of how a tattoo shop should be kept up. They also have a piercer and jewelry on site, Hudson Maynard who has five years experience and does it all has his own spot in back in case your shy, he is also currently apprenticing under Jay and I’ve seen some of his work and I liked it a lot.

There seems to be a movement on tattoos now that are main stream and I’m glad to see it because most tat’s I see as artwork and others don’t.

I find it cool that in a city like Carmel with a rich artistic back drop that you can bring in one of the oldest forms of artwork and find it acceptable.

So if you’ve been thinking about it for a while but haven’t had the courage it’s okay now, what your parents told you doesn’t’ stand anymore tattoos are not just for Sailors and prisoners so swing by Indiana Tattoo Co. and check out the cool artwork they do and tell them congrats on a year in Carmel. Whether it’s just something you like or a family crest they will do a great job.