Meet your teacher, Casey Toombs


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Name: Casey Toombs

Grade/school/subject: North Elementary 4th Grade FOCUS

Why did you become a teacher?

Since I was very young, I always told my parents I wanted to become a teacher. My dad is a teacher and coach, so I grew up being in a school even outside the school day. My sister and I would play school in our basement with a small chalkboard that we had. I would have to be the teacher and I would make my sister, and sometimes her friends, be my students. I’ve always enjoyed working with kids and helping them in whatever way possible. I’ve always believed that teaching is so empowering and feel that I can help inspire students to become the best person they can be!

What goals do you have for your students?

At the beginning of the year I tell my students that if they don’t like reading now, by the end of the year they will love it. This is one of the biggest goals I have for my students, to love reading. Another goal I have for my students is to learn to take a risk. I feel that taking risks can teach students many different life lessons, including resilience. I have also set a goal for my students recently to complete a random act of kindness each day. Being kind to each other and to people we don’t know has really inspired my students.

What advice would you give for parents?

My advice for parents is to get involved with your child’s education. Show them that you care about what they are learning and support them through their successes and failures. Getting involved can be as simple as asking your child what book they are reading and what their favorite part is so far. It could even mean asking your child to teach you what they have learned in math. Kids love playing the role of teacher, especially for their parents!

What makes Noblesville Schools special?

I love the many opportunities Noblesville Schools provides for its students and staff. I have been able to learn from many other teachers in my building and other buildings as well as attend numerous conferences to better my teaching. I think Noblesville Schools provides students with many avenues of learning and opportunities as well.

Something others might not know about you?

I graduated from Purdue University where I was a member of the Purdue Cheerleading Squad. Being a part of this team provided me with so many great experiences. I cheered for football, men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball. I have seen some very cool stadiums and arenas from this experience. My favorite experience was cheering on the men’s basketball team in the Sweet Sixteen game at Reliant Stadium in Houston in 2010.