‘Hatch for Hunger’ launches at Kroger stores across the state


By Joseph Knoop

Even in a place like Carmel and the greater Indiana area, malnutrition is one of the largest challenges facing underprivileged households, affecting more than 21 percent of Indiana residents. The Hatch for Hunger program aims to ease this burden by providing families with a consistent supply of eggs.

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Hatch for Hunger is the result of a partnership between animal health company Elanco, Kroger grocery stores and Rose Acre Farms.

“Hunger is something (you) don’t always see, but it’s there,” Becky Fouard, marketing leader for Hatch, said.

For every purchase of a Kroger-brand medium eggs carton, Hatch will donate one egg to underprivileged families through food bank services like Gleaners, Midwest Food Bank and Grace Care Center.

“It’s similar to something like Tom’s Shoes, where for every purchase we donate one,” Fouard said. “It’s getting away from that seasonal donation flow to a more consistent one.”

Fouard says eggs can often be hard to come by at food bank services due to the high level of processed food donations and upkeep of refrigerated products.

One egg is roughly equivalent to the amount of protein a child needs in a day, can spur child growth by one-and-a-half times, and can help prevent muscle loss and improve brain function in both children and adults.

“Hunger relief is a community challenge,” John Elliott, a Kroger media representative, said. “There’s a responsibility for corporate citizens coming together.”

Hatch for Hunger will take part in various parking lot events at Indianapolis area Kroger stores during race season. Hatch representatives will be onsite to promote the program and answer questions while Kroger stores provide interactive racing attractions for customers to partake in.

The Hatch for Hunger program is currently undergoing a pilot test now through June 20. After its completion, the program is set to be assessed, and a decision made on whether to expand or modify the program.

For more information, visit www.sensibletable.com/hatchforhunger.html.