Five minutes with Emma Fisher


CIN-COM-5 MIN FisherWEBMeet Emma Fisher, Noblesville resident and employee at Noble Coffee & Tea Co. on the downtown square.

Where are you going to school? I’m finishing up high school online with Connections Academy.

What do you like about online learning? It’s nice because of the flexibility it gives me. If I needed to open up here at the shop early one day, I could. I like how involved the teachers are, and how they really care more than in a traditional school, simply because they have the time. If you send them an e-mail and say that you’re having problems with something, they’ll take the time to show that they care, give you a whole bunch of resources, and keep checking on you to see how you’re coming.

What is your favorite movie? I think my favorite movie is “Spirited Away.”

What is your favorite book? “Catcher in the Rye,” by J.D. Salinger.