Column: Carmel United Methodist Church celebrates 150 years


The Wall, as they call it, stretches for some thirty feet but tells a story which takes place entirely in the heart of Carmel and spans over 150 years.  Carmel United Methodist Church, literally a pillar of our community, hosted an open house recently to give everyone a chance to see their newly finished building renovation minus the caution tape.

Carmel United Methodist Church is a familiar landmark on Range Line Road, best known for its large, lush green lawn and harmonious bells tolling from high atop a pristine white steeple.  Dedicated in 1957, the current building and location was a major decision and move from where the Indiana Design Center now sits.

On Sunday, Jan. 11, the church will celebrate it’s long history.

Senior Pastor Reverend Patty Napier said, “When we first proposed an improvement to our building it had been just 5 years since we burned the mortgage.  Going into debt was not really an option anyone favored.  We agreed that the scope of the project would stay within the amount of money raised.”

With the same spirit and determination as the founders of the Church 150 years earlier, more than enough money was raised to meet the needs of the congregation and complete this renovation.  The first component visitors will immediately notice is the large gathering space and Café.  It is a place where people can hang out.

Reverend Napier said, “The gathering space has already changed the social life of our church.”

While enjoying the accouterments from the new Café, visitors can get a taste of what it has taken to get from year 1 to 150.  Jack King, Ila Badger, Janet Boyer and John Rutherford worked on the 30 feet of history called The Wall.

“There are new generations of members and new people moving here who do not know the history of CUMC.  I love history and I think it is important for everyone to know about the good things this church community has accomplished over the years,” said Jack King.

The existing Pre-School serves 200 children per week and is now configured with additional security measures to keep the children safe.  In the basement, a new youth center called The Hub gives teens a place to call their own.  With games, a Café and other amenities, The Hub is sure to be one.

Let’s wish CUMC another 150 years and hopefully another Wall on which to commemorate it. Good day, Carmel.