Opinion: IRS e-mails are gone for good


There is much anti-Internal Revenue Service sentiment lingering multiple months after the infamous missing e-mails become known to the sheep of this nation. We all expect answers as to where the e-mails to and from former IRS “executive” Lois Lerner actually are. Believe this: We’ll never know. It’s that simple – unless, of course, someone comes forward and rats her out. Still, we don’t see that happening. People, there is a reason Lerner invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify about the whole mess. That reason? She doesn’t want us to know. The Grand Old Party wants all of us to believe this is obstruction of justice. It is, in our opinion, but the fact that the Republicans, the party of no backbone, are calling it such seems to lessen the impact or severity. And what of the head honcho at the IRS, John Koskinen? He’s appearing to be too much of a sideshow to run the agency efficiently, not that anyone really is up to that task. He was supposed to bring back the luster for the embattled office (like it ever existed), and President Barack Obama indicated that would happen. Instead, we hear Koskinen’s lectures and vitriol, and everything seems as dysfunctional as it was before his appointment to the helm. And, as multiple news outlets have reported, it seems the president wanted his “guy” in charge, because the agency (insert massive shudder here) was charged with the monumental task of implementing ObamaCare. Nothing like having one among the home team watching out for the clubhouse’s best interests. Some believe the safer move would have been to have someone from the GOP run the show at the IRS. That wouldn’t have worked, either. And as for the president, with this, domestic issues, the Middle East and countless other agenda items up in the air, he chose to attend a number of fundraisers on the West Coast last week. Again, wait for the movie, because the e-mails are not coming.