Letter: OK with no BMV branch



I was a little disappointed to learn it was closing and I thought I would miss having a branch in Fishers. However, I recently went to the Noblesville branch for a car registration and it was just as easy, only slightly farther away. Some of the Fishers branch employees were there and I had no wait time. I walked in, got a number, and was called up practically before I sat down. I was in and out in 10 minutes. So, in my opinion, closing the Fishers BMV is no big deal. People will realize that once they visit the Noblesville branch.

Randy Mace from CPM are seeing people who probably would not be upset if those people were aware they needed to go to a different branch ahead of time. They are most likely only momentarily upset because it took more time out of their day than they expected and they had to change their plan for their day. If they knew to go to the other branch, they would have been fine with it.

Judy Hardin