Noblesville school board hires new superintendent

School Board President Pat Berghoff, left, and new superintendent Dr. Beth Niedermeyer. (Staff photo)

School Board President Pat Berghoff, left, and new superintendent Dr. Beth Niedermeyer. (Staff photo)

Noblesville Schools has a new leader as the school board hired Dr. Beth Niedermeyer as superintendent at its July 15 meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Libbie Conner announced her plan to retire on Sept. 1 at the March school board meeting. School Board President Pat Berghoff said the district had more than 30 applicants and the top three were interviewed. He said Niedermeyer stood out for her “strong passion for the schools.”

“She has a great deal of background in curriculum and is very good at building relationships,” he said. “We feel very strongly that she is the right choice.”

Noblesville Schools currently has two superintendents on staff and will proceed with both until weeks after school starts.

“We’ll be making a lot of decisions collaboratively,” Niedermeyer said, adding the situation is “unique for an incoming superintendent.” “It’s such a great opportunity to make sure it is seamless and nothing is left unturned.”

“It is such an advantage in the pursuit and implementation of a new superintendent,” Berghoff said. “Dr. Conner has moved us along by leaps and bounds over the past five years.”

Niedermeyer said she is working on her “100-day plan” right now which includes getting acquainted with the staff and building relationships with the city and mayor, Ivy Tech and members of the community. Niedermeyer said her vision for Noblesville Schools is to be the “center of innovation and creativity with high performing schools.”

“(The district) has outlined such a strong strategic plan. I’m certainly on the same trajectory,” she said.

Prior to this position, Niedermeyer was assistant superintendent of Hamilton Southeastern Schools for three years.

She also served the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township for nine years as assistant superintendent, director of elementary education for a year and was principal of Fishback Creek Public Academy and College Park Elementary for a combined nine years. Niedermeyer spent the first 10 years of her education career at Fort Wayne Community Schools, where she taught kindergarten through fifth grade and aerospace and English in high school and later served as principal.

Niedermeyer’s contract is for $152,500 and up to $20,000 in performance pay. In comparison, Conner’s base salary is $166,632. Niedermeyer requested lower pay and recommended the performance incentives to her three-year contract to encourage high performance. Automatic salary increases are not included in her contract.

Other benefits include health insurance coverage at the same level as teachers, 25 vacation days and a three percent contribution to the Indiana State Teachers’ Retirement Fund with a 401(a) matching plan.