Letter: Rebuttal of mayor’s 4CDC arguments



We respectfully suggest that the media coverage of the public request for transparency from the 4CDC has lost the core point. Carmel passed ordinance D-2108-12 requiring that any group receiving public municipal funds comply with the Access to Public Records Act. The citizen requests made on June 2, June 16 and July 7 simply and truthfully comply with the ordinance that the city council and mayor approved unanimously. Citizens are respectfully requesting that the clear promise contained in ordinance D-2108-12 be fulfilled by the same people who passed it. It is not complicated. We are disappointed by the distractions offered by the mayor in response to these legitimate requests. First, he argued that the 4CDC did not receive “grants” and that argument was proven false. Then he argues that “other CDCs” aren’t as transparent. Other cities with CDCs do not have an ordinance requiring APRA transparency. My personal testimony of June 2 cited ordinance D-2108-12 extensively. There is no ambiguity in the ordinance nor in my request. APRA compliance is required. The ordinance was passed as a result of the fiscal meltdown resulting from the fact that the Carmel Redevelopment Commission could not support the debt it had incurred. In 2012, compliance with APRA was offered as part of the solution to the mayor’s fiscal irresponsibility. In 2014, we expect that promise to be fulfilled. Ron Carter, a city council member and president of the 4CDC board, voted in favor of the ordinance. Mayor Jim Brainard signed the ordinance into law. If they had no intention of complying with the ordinance, their actions were, at best, disingenuous. If either of these men had complaints, they had the opportunity to voice those complaints, vote against it or refuse to sign it. The mayor promised full disclosure to Carmel, but he now denies his promise. So, we ask again: Mayor, what are you doing with our money?

Dwight Lile, 46033