New IU rehab office


By Sophie Pappas  

Rehabilitation Services at IU Health North Hospital is now offering additional services at their Zionsville location, at 1650 Oak St., Suite 110. With two new therapists, the Zionsville location expands their services to include lymphedema, pelvic health therapy, and occupational therapy.

Lymphedema occurs when there is more fluid to remove than a person’s lymph system can handle. Cancer and surgeries of the lymph nodes are common causes of lymphedema, and therapies can include exercises, medical compression bandaging, and more.

Joy Davis of IU North stated in an email to Current in Zionsville, that the goal of the pelvic health and continence program at IU Health North Hospital is “to help treat and improve incontinence, and possibly eliminate it, through education, use of the latest technology, exercise, and encouragement towards healthy lifestyle.”

“Occupational therapists at IU Health North Hospital work with adults with varying diagnoses to return them to their daily living activities, such as dressing and bathing,” Davis stated.

 The therapists utilize advanced manual therapy techniques, exercise and education to improve cognition, comprehension, coordination, strength, mobility and motor skills.



Kaylene Kroemer, DPT, CLT, is a certified lymphedema therapist, Zionsville resident, and trained in both male and female pelvic floor and constipation.

Kroemer, a 2007 Zionsville Community High School graduate, finished her graduate studies at Duke University and has now relocated back to Zionsville.

Kelly Brown, MSOTR, has been an occupational therapist for five years at IU Health. Four of those years she has been at IU Health North Hospital. She specializes in splinting, hand injuries, and elbow and shoulder dysfunction.

 For more information, contact the office 873-8840.