Letter: Stop sign needed at 126th Street intersection



A few weeks ago I had the same thought about the 3-way stop at 126th Street and Auman Drive, but then I really started to think about it. If my recollection serves me right, the Keystone project’s main goal was to help the flow of traffic on Keystone while providing safe crossing at the intersections. They were not put in to turn every intersecting street into a residential expressway. Don’t forget, the original INDOT plan was to widen Keystone Parkway and add more turning lanes and traffic signals. Be happy that didn’t happen. Zero to 50+ (30 is the posted speed limit) from Auman Drive to the 126th Street and Keystone roundabout is not uncommon with the stop sign. If the stop sign were to be removed, the unimpeded traffic would pose a much bigger safety concern – not only to people entering from Auman but also the cars trying to get out of the neighborhood on the north side of 126th Street. If cars are blocking the intersection of 126th Street and Range Line Road (which is illegal in most areas) then the Carmel Police Department needs to step up and hand out some tickets. To save fuel, fumes and frustration of a few motorists (who odds are just passing through at rush hour) is hardly worth the thought of a traffic signal in a residential area. I would rather have the stop sign stay and the frustrated rush hour drivers take a different route.

George Seat, 46033