Westfield City Council recap



What happened: Contract for inspection services

What it means: The city will be contracted by Citizens Energy of Westfield for sewer and water inspections. Public Works Director Ken Alexander said the time and materials contract could provide $250,000 of revenue in the first year. He said city employees previously did the professional inspections prior to the utility sale. “It’s a great opportunity for us to keep staff employed and a revenue stream to improve infrastructure,” Alexander said.

What’s next? Alexander said the city’s billing rate is $60 per hour and proceeds will be available for the council to use at its discretion.

What happened: Bridgewater development text amendment

What it means: 21st Amendment is requesting a change to the sign ordinance for its new store at the northeast corner of Carey Road and 146th Street. The current maximum allowance for wall mounted signs in 16 inches. 21st Amendment has requested that height be extended to 24 inches.

What’s next? The amendment will have a public hearing at the Westfield Advisory Plan Commission meeting on May 5.

What happened: Transfer of funds

What it means: $46,566,737.42 will be transferred from the city’s general fund to the newly established Infrastructure Improvement Fund. Funds, which come from the utility sale and proceeds from its investment, will be used for the city’s infrastructure improvement program.

What’s next? By establishing the fund, the proceeds will be available to the clerk-treasurer to pay for needs as approved by the city council.

What happened: Resolution approving the Americans with Disabilities Act

What it means: The council has previously adopted policies regarding the ADA and its compliance and has now been presented with an updated policy reflecting any and all amendments to the ADA. City attorney Brian Zaiger said it is a boilerplate resolution from the federal government.

What’s next? Zaiger said adoption, which occurred April 14, is necessary to be compliant and to receive federal funds for infrastructure needs.

What happened: 100 percent voluntary annexation

What it means: This the second in a series of annexations within Chatham Hills. Phase II is 136 acres at the southwest corner of Cox Avenue and Tomlinson Road and adjacent to the existing corporate limits along the southern boundary.

What’s next? The ordinance was unanimously approved.

Compiled by Robert Herrington