Two developments tabled by Noblesville council


Two potential developments in Noblesville will wait at least two more weeks before any decision is made on their fates. At the April 15 common council meeting, the proposals for Ed Martin Toyota and a dryland diving center were tabled at the requests of each petitioner.



Noblesville Planning Director Christy Langley said proposal for the 40-acre mixed-use development anchored by an Ed Martin Toyota dealership was held to the May 13 meeting because there was no development agreement in place.

“We’re not there yet,” Langley said. “It’s a product of time not of a stalemate – just not enough time to hammer it out.”

Olympic diving coach John Wingfield is looking to build an indoor training center and temporary housing for athletes at 14707 E. 141st St. Plans call for a pole-barn-type building and 10 cabins to house visiting divers on 13 acres in the Corporate Campus development. The proposal received a 9-1 unfavorable recommendation from the Noblesville Plan Commission on March 17.

“They’re reanalyzing what’s on the site; looking at taking the cabins away,” Langley said.

Other business that occurred at the April 15 meeting includes:

What happened: Acquisition of 332 Osborn St.

What it means: The property, owned by Fred and Gail Lynn Neiswinger, is immediately west of White River with frontage on Logan Street. Deputy Mayor Mike Hendricks said single family residence has a grandfather clause that could allow a duplex on the property, which is adjacent to the West Gateway Park development. Hendricks said the property will be used as part of the economic revitalization area for retail, office space or high-end apartments. In the interim, Hendricks said the land will be used for surface parking – just grass not a parking lot.

What’s next? The asking price for the property was $99,000 and was purchased for $90,000.

What happened: Reimbursement of design and construction costs

What it means: As part of the development agreement with Cabela’s, the city will spend approximately $3.5 million project to construct Corporate Parkway – south from the existing roundabout at the intersection of Corporate and Harrell parkways to the existing 131st Street. It will include walking paths, landscaping, street lighting, detention pond and the extension of sanitary sewers and storm water drains. The city anticipates it may need to pay up to $2 million prior to Aug. 1.

What’s next? The city plans to fund all, or part of, the costs of the project from a bond or lease which will be issued in the summer. The cost of the project will be reimbursed first from the Corporate Campus East TIF Fund and then from other TIF funds held by the city. “It gives us flexibility as we look at other economic development opportunities in the area,” Howard said.