Letter: Elected officials shouldn’t offer exclusive access for cash



Attached to this letter is a letter from Royal Tiger Progress Committee (a Political Action Committee located in Fishers) which seems to be offering invitations to exclusive meetings between elected officials and business and industry leaders. As citizens, we object to offering exclusive meetings to do business with our elected government
officials. Especially with a suggested $3,500 annual membership fee. Business is quid pro quo, so we must wonder what is returned for the suggested price of $3,500. Businesses aren’t philanthropic … their objective is profit, so it seems prudent to ask what is expected in return for the requested $3,500 annual membership fee. Whatever the benefit to business is, it’s not spelled out in the letter, so we are left to look at the use of
the money and ask some more questions.
One use of the money is to support the campaign of Andrew Dollard against Fred Glynn for County Council. Why would a PAC that is chaired by a high ranking Hamilton County GOP officer take sides in a primary between fellow Republicans? Maybe, Glynn’s stance against mass transit and its associated tax increase to citizens is a key. It appears that many businesses (list attached) who have contributed to the Royal Tiger PAC will benefit from aggressive growth policies.
In order to be fair, we have also included a copy of the letter of invitation so the list of elected officials who agreed to the exclusive meetings is available for study. The listed officials can be a powerful influence on Fishers’ growth.
We need to clean up politics in Hamilton County. A vote for Fred Glynn will be an important step toward that goal.

Dwight Lile, 46032

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