Opinion: Huge recycling effort set April 26


This is worthy of your attention. Carmel Utilities, the Carmel Police Dept., Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana and Carmel Green Teens, among others, will stage an event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. April 26 for electronics recycling, prescription-drugs disposal, shredding and a used-book drive. It all goes down at the Carmel High School Stadium parking lot, with entrance through Gate 3, exit through Gate 4. This is your chance to easily rid your home of recyclable items and protect your identity through shredding. Do it. It’s another kind of spring cleaning. For more information, visit www.carmel.in.gov.

* * *

The city’s Community Relations Dept. has told Current that the comment in this space about City Council member Luci Snyder still awaiting explanation as to why a former newspaper reporter was brought on, at a fee of $99,000, to be an economic-development resource, was incorrect. The department said Snyder was e-mailed on Jan. 3 a thorough explanation. Current errantly was told otherwise.

* * *

And so, the March 31 deadline came and went with much fanfare (cough, cough) for registering for Obamacare. President Barack Obama’s initiative reeled in a whopping seven million registrants. How many healthy, previously insured folks were piped aboard the Good Ship Socialist? How many were previously uninsured? We believe you can make educated guesses at answers. So, then, “If you like your insurance ….” Travesty.

* * *

We found it interesting that the federal government actually recruited former NBA stars Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Alonzo Mourning to pitch Obamacare. On our dime, yet. Breathtaking. And we found it pulverizing to our collective intelligence that Vice President Joe Biden (can’t believe we’re using “intelligence and “Biden” in the same sentence) took to no less a platform than the Rachel Ray Show in one last appeal to gain registrants last Monday. April Fool’s Day 24 hours early? Laughable.