Letter: There’s more to retiree health insurance story



When I read your column in the Jan. 28 issue, I assumed it was in reference to the article in the Jan. 21 issue about Carmel’s retiree health insurance. I had refrained from commenting but now feel compelled and hope it is not about the same portion of the article.

That $19.7 million potential liability could be quite inflammatory to taxpayers. I just think it was misleading to the public when you stated, “The city makes a $900 monthly contribution toward that insurance premium as long as a retiree pays monthly fees totaling about $1,000 to $1,500.” Does that mean the total insurance premium is $1,900 to $2,400? Assuming most retirees do not have dependents other than a spouse, that is very generous coverage. Surely the affordable premiums available starting this year would greatly reduce that underfunded amount. You also failed to indicate that any retiree of Medicare age would not have anywhere near that amount of premium to expect the city to pay. The $900 city contribution exceeds the Medicare premium of $105 and any Medicare supplement or Medicare advantage plan premium I have seen.

John Fezzey, 46033