Opinion: Academy now in larger digs


We were thrilled to learn Midwest Academy, which serves special-needs children in grades four through 12, has landed in a new and bigger space in Carmel. The academy quickly has become the gold standard in our state for students with high-functioning autism, among other classifications. It’s heartening to know they’ll learn in expanded surroundings that afford additional educational opportunities. That will include expanded curriculum. Students achieve at Midwest with focused teachings that accommodate various learning capacities. This move is a win-win for them and the school. It’s more than shuffling these kids into a different setting; it’s all about success, as the academy has shown.

* * *

Perhaps a health-insurance carrier has spurned you or someone you know recently. It simply cannot be a pleasant experience. We know a few folks who’ve endured the “rejected” treatment. We’re just wondering here, but don’t you believe it is possible that because of all the confusion and uncertainty of ObamaCare that insurance companies almost “have to” reject some folks’ attempts at renewal? After all, our illustrious leader, President Barack Obama, has done a fairly solid job of running down insurance companies (and they’re not completely innocent of all his charges) since before he campaigned for the last presidential election. He has maligned them – again, deservedly so in some instances – to the point where there’s no luster left. They’re viewed as villainous, and so their reputations are left tarnished. We further wonder whether any court would entertain a lawsuit brought by one or more carriers against the president on the grounds of damaging their brands. Yes, a lawsuit. If someone maligned your business to the point where it was affecting perception of it, and, as a byproduct, its ability to successfully engage in commerce, wouldn’t you sue for slander? Just asking.