Which Westfield is this, anyway?


Our city is at war. Sort of. And in this case it just may prove smarter to switch than fight. We’re talking, of course, about Twitter. When we tweet, we’re compelled to use a hashtag (it looks like this for the uninitiated: #) before the word Westfield. That way, those searching for Westfield tweets will easily identify those being posted. However, and this is a big one, the good folks in our namesake city in New Jersey also use #westfield in their tweets. If you’re not carefully following the 140 characters Twitter allows you, it’s possible to become confused by postings. So, here is an idea (not a novel one, but an idea nonetheless): When we tweet about our city, how about using #westfieldIN to distinguish “us” from “them?” Who’s with us here in #westfieldIN? If you have a better idea, please share it at info@youarecurrent.com.

* * *

We were treated to a tour of Grand Park last week by developer Steve Henke and his daughter, Betsy Garfield. We saw it just after the first spade of dirt was turned, but hadn’t since been back. In a word: phenomenal. Never mind that this is going to debut as the finest facility of its kind in the nation, with its sports and recreational offerings, but the opportunities for businesses, local and regional, to hitch their wagons to our city’s new star should prove overly magnetic. Grand Park is a wonderful, masterful vision come to life, and it will offer something of a captive audience. Westfield will reap plenty from its existence and will further solidify its rise to a “prominent destination” in our city and well beyond.

* * *

Congratulations to Halverson Construction for finishing its 161st Street/Monon Trail tunnel project three weeks ahead of schedule. As part of the U.S. 31 overhaul, Halverson has set the stage for retention walls to be added when funding becomes available.